Set the World on Fire Challenge – Day 1

Welcome to the Set the World on Fire Challenge. Today is the kick off of a 30 day social media rally for justice. Join us in being the change and setting the world on fire!

Day 1


On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery City Bus. In doing so, she spat directly in the face of White Supremacy and Jim Crowism prevalent in that day. The ensuing boycott of the Montgomery City Bus system demonstrated the true power of the Black dollar, and taught us how effective collectively refusing to patronize businesses who do not support or community can be on creating change.

Mother Rosa’s defiance sparked a movement that essentially bankrupted the Montgomery City Bus system, and ensured that no Person of Color would be subjected to that sort of blatant racism on the city buses of Montgomery, Alabama again.

Economic influence is the greatest level of power we have in this country, and it is our strongest weapon in the fight against inequality. Our forefathers have shown us how well deliberate and collective action (or inaction) can be in creating change. We vote against ourselves each time we spend our hard earned money in places that do not support us or our community.

Take a moment to evaluate how you’ve spent your money over the last month – what do your votes say about the things you value?

What can we do differently to effect better results for ourselves and our communities?


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