Set the World on Fire Challenge – Day 8

Welcome to week 2 of the Set the World on Fire Challenge!


Kio wrote a jarring piece titled, “No One Dime- Wielding Our Power” on Day 4 of our Set the World on Fire Challenge. She challenged us to #BuyBlack and #BreaktheBeastsBack.

Try patronizing some Black-owned businesses – there are plenty of them out there delivering awesome products.  And even if you can’t shop Black-owned all of the time, still shop small, shop local.

We have to stand together on this. We have to be fully sold out in order to be effective. This is not the time for fair weather activists and “sometimey” participation. We need you to commit.

Here are a few resources to help you #BuyBlack:

Buy a T-Shirt from our TeeSpring store. Profits will go towards funding a Black Lives Matter Christmas Vigil in Gadsden, AL and 25% will be donated to the family of Tamir Rice and Eric Garner

Download the Around the Way app on your smartphone – This app will show you black owned businesses in the area that you’re in.

50 Gift Ideas from 50 Black Owned Businesses

36 Black Owned Etsy Stores

Peace Images Jewelry (these pieces are everything)

Black Business List

We must hold each other accountable. We will only overcome if we stick together! Let’s Set the World on Fire and Break the Beast’s Back!



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