Set the World on Fire Challenge – Day 12

Set the World on Fire Challenge – Day 12


Each Friday, we dedicate the day to a lost brother or sister. It gets exhausting, but these names must be spoken and these lives must be honored. On Tuesday, December 2nd, Officer Mark Rine fatally shot Rumain Brisbon on his doorstep. Cigarellos, untaxed loose cigarettes, pellet guns, toy guns and now a pill bottle can be added to the list of reasons for death in America.

Aiyana, Serenity and Skyler, as a daughter who has lost a father, I can tell you that life will never be the same for you. You will feel a pang in your heart on birthdays, Christmas, and simple trips to McDonald’s. Aiyana, this birthday will be hard for you, but remember that there are thousands of people all around the world who are sending you love, light, and positive energy.

Please read Aiyana’s letter to Mark Rine.

Rest well, Rumain. We are now responsible for your family. We will take care of them as we fight for justice for you.


“The dead cannot cry out for justice. It’s the duty of them living to do so for them.” – Lois McMaster Bujold


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