Petty Politics

The majority of Americans watched the State of the Union address last night. President Obama spoke on topics such as equal pay for women, police reform, and free community college. Obviously, Kio and I have many opinions about our government and the state of the Un-United States of America. Equal pay for women won’t matter for Rekia Boyd. Michael Brown was robbed of the chance to experience community college. Our fallen brothers and sisters that have died in the name of service and protection by the thugs in blue won’t see the days of police reform. Actually, none of us might see that day, but I digress.

Because I can be a bit of a cynic, I am highly critical of President Obama. I rightfully hold him to a higher standard. I found myself rolling my eyes during some of the State of the Union address, but I also saw flickers of the ’08 Obama that I voted for. Then Mr. President flashed ’08 Obama and blinded all of America!

Let’s give a round of applause for Mr. 2 Termz! President Obama dusted off his library card last night, kicked down the door of the library and read Republicans for filth. Of course, the interwebs and social media went into a frenzy after Mr. President delivered the line, “I have no more campaigns to run. I know because I won both of them.”

image1 (1)

Chile, I got my entire life! I didn’t know the “better politics” Mr. Obama spoke of meant petty politics. Mr. 2Termz left Republicans bald and holding on to their edges. He snatched wigs, closures and Brazilian bundles and I am here for it!

I expected to see plenty of negative comments from Republicans on my various social media newsfeeds, but my eyes were spared. Instead mine eyes saw the glory of the coming of Mr. 2Termz! The lack in negative commentary could be attributed to my social media cleanup. For those of you who find yourself arguing with the ignorant, I have found that the “unfriend/delete” button is the greatest weapon of activism. Our justice is not contingent upon the knowledge of fools!  Or maybe my Republican friends might have just tapped out for the night. When you get slayed by an epic read, the best you can do is walk away and give a “girl, bye” or in the words of Atlanta Housewife Porsha “You are a Contradictory” Williams, “Bye, ashy.”

Here at Lost in the Sauce, we can be the pettiest of Patricia’s. We appreciate a good read. We enjoy a good helping of tomfoolery. We often bask in the shade. In the midst of all of that, we still stand for justice. We don’t mind saying #BlackLivesMatter. Most importantly, we #StayWoke. Without a shadow of a doubt, Kio and I have resolved to be the change and set the world on fire. As much as we appreciate how President Obama gathered the Republicans last night, we hope that ’08 Obama is here to stay. We do not want Mr. 2Termz to be quickly replaced with Mr. Respectability Politics. Mr. President, we ask that you stick to your word. Neither one of us want to see you electric sliding and backpedaling in the coming weeks.

Last night, you told Rebekah and Ben’s sob story. While listening to their story, I texted Kio and said “Rebekah and Ben do not represent me.” She replied, “I don’t even know them.” Though their story represents some Americans, their story does not speak to “us.” 

Their story isn’t Eric Garner’s story.

Their story isn’t John Crawford’s story.

Their story isn’t Tamir Rice’s story.

Their story isn’t Rumain Brisbon’s story.

Their story isn’t Kio’s story.

Their story isn’t my story.

Our story is told every 28 hours with every murder. Our story is told by every non-indictment, every vilified victim and every justified killing. Every uncovered body and every blood soaked sidewalk tells our story. We seek to retell these stories through our efforts of activism, protests, die-ins, rallies and marches. Mr. Petty President, will you narrate our stories? Mr.2Termz, will you be the voice of our movement? Mr. I Read Republicans, will you advocate for us during the remainder of your term or will you tootsie roll back into your role of passive politics?

We are rooting for you, Mr. President! We want to be able to thank you for more accomplishments this year, but for now, thank you for the read of the century. We will #neverforget.



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