All Lives Do Not Matter

Disclaimer: Over the years, I’ve developed a writing style. It doesn’t matter what I’m writing, I always find a way to end on a positive note. This blog does not end that way.

All Lives Do Not Matter

I hate that I have to write this blog. I hate that I have to explain this concept. I hate that y’all continue to diminish black lives with this “all lives matter” foolishness. Listen to me and please listen carefully, all lives do not matter!

If all lives mattered, I wouldn’t have to write this blog. If all lives mattered, I wouldn’t have to tell y’all that BLACK lives matter. If all lives mattered, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Rumain Brisbon, Tamir Rice and countless others would not have died in the name of “service and protection.”

IF all lives mattered..

So next time you’re about to tweet #AllLivesMatter or repost a picture with #AllLivesMatter, please take me off your whole entire (yes, whole entire) list so my eyes do not have to continue to see this tomfoolery! Please, pretty PLEASE do NOT come anywhere near me with “but Jesus loves ALL of us” “we are ALL equal” “liberty and justice for ALL” crap. Miss me with that. Don’t use “All” detergent on my clothes. Don’t even sing “all of me, loves all of you,” around me and Lord knows how much I love John Legend. Be cautious of even using words that start with the prefix “al” when speaking to me. “Already, alma mater, although, always.” I don’t want to hear it!

Y’all are on my last nerve and if I wasn’t saved by the Jesus who loves us ALL, I’d litter this blog with cuss words! Here’s my very obvious gripe with “All Lives Matter,” the fact that y’all won’t even allow us to have a hashtag without making it an all-inclusive term is a problem!

Please tell me the point in negating black lives with all lives? I don’t understand it. What is your purpose in refuting my cry for black lives with telling me that all lives matter? Did I say that other lives did not matter? Is there a reason that I have to be reminded of all lives when my brother is lying dead in the street for 4.5 hours bleeding out? What about when twelve year old Tamir Rice did not receive medical attention for four minutes? He lay on the sidewalk in excruciating pain from a gunshot to the abdomen, but y’all want to tell me about ALL lives? Eric Garner managed to wheeze out “I can’t breathe,” several times while he was being choked out by one officer and dragged down on the street by several other cops, but I need to talk about all lives.

What is your point?

Whether you want to admit it or not, there is a race issue in this country. I have dealt with racism my entire life. For some reason, I thought it might have been a fad back in the day. I thought I would grow out of racism. I thought that my respectability would save me as an adult. I’m not sure why, seeing that respectability didn’t do much for me or any of my friends when I was a youngster. I am 27 and I can still remember the uproar of being voted into coronation court my junior year of high school. I can remember hearing whispers of how my friend, an intelligent black boy, would have to walk with a white girl. I can remember hearing whispers about what white boy would walk with me. I can remember seeing “nigger lover” written by the names of my friends who were also voted into the court. As an adult, I have been scowled with mighty looks of disgust when walking into job interviews and conference rooms. So please, PLEASE, do not remind me about all lives.

Black Lives Matter does not mean that you don’t matter. Shedding light on the value of black lives does not devalue your life. Speaking out about injustice against people of color does not take away from your privilege. My oppression is not oppressing you! Trust me, the world is still revolving around you and the system is still protecting you. Our hashtag is not affecting your comfortable life. It might make you slightly uncomfortable, but you will be fine. Listen to Jon Stewart. He’s one of your own and he speaks the absolute truth.


No longer will I try to explain oppression to the privileged. No longer will I try to explain value to the devalued. No longer will I try to rally and recruit soldiers for this fight.

I can’t do it anymore.

I have said this time and time again, just because I like hamburgers doesn’t mean I hate hot dogs! Just because I like boneless wings doesn’t affect bone-in. Just because I think that killer cops should be indicted for murdering unarmed victims doesn’t mean that I hate all cops. Just because I fight for the justice of black lives does not mean that I hate all white people. Kio has told y’all that reverse racism is not a thing, so stop it.

I am tired of trying to explain why you should care. I am tired of marching with only a few people. I am tired of people telling me to give up this fight. I am tired of thinking that change will never come. I am tired of being mad. I am tired of grieving. I am tired of being bogged down by a responsibility for my people that I do not think many other people share.

I am tired of all lives not mattering.

So the next time you decide to scream out All Lives Matter, think of the black lives that have laid down soaking the concrete in their blood. Think of the widowed wives, orphaned children, and bereaved families. Think of me and my nigger loving friends.

Black Lives Matter.

This is and will forever be my stance. Don’t try to make me back down. Don’t try to white out our black lives. Don’t try to white wash black lives with all lives. Don’t try to make me be silent.

With all that being said, just don’t try it.



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